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What is Dove Wallet’s daily bonus?


We have interesting feature which is called ‘Daily bonus’. Your money will increase daily after you deposit!

Some people may accuse it’s a fraud or Ponzi, but it’s not even close to it.
To put it briefly, we distribute what we earn from trade fees to users according to their balances.

Let’s give you an example.

28th of March, Bonus distribution history

The image above is today’s bonus distribution history. You can check this on Dove Wallet which is updated every day.

Let’s look at BTC. You will receive 0.00008565 BTC if you have deposited 1 BTC before since today’s daily rate is 0.008565%. Maybe you would feel it’s too small like a dust. But if you get bonus in this trend, daily rate will be compounded and yearly rate will be increased upto 3.175%, which results 0.03175 BTC of bonus.

Daily bonus is,
(1) From a part of Dove Wallet’s daily trade revenue,
(2) Distributed depending on user’s balances.
This means that the more trade occurs, the more bonus will come into user’s wallets. On the other hands, the per capita bonus will decrease if there are a lot of balances deposited.

We don’ t know how much we are going to distribute every day since no one can predict daily exchange volume, member’s balances. One day yearly rate can be 10%, and the other day can be just 0.1%.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Why Dove Wallet distributes bonus?
We want to give a little bit of daily happiness who deposit into our service, and this is where this idea came from.

2. What’s the benefit of bonus distribution?
There are a bunch of advantages. One of that is there is no loss from anyone neither Dove Wallet side nor user-side. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Could you explain more about the win-win situation? What do you mean by that?
Users don’t need to invest a particular currency unnecessarily only because of the bonus. You might have seen ads they promise to give you their own currency with high dividend yield. Or you must be deluded to invest in operating master nodes because it has a high dividend yield. What with one thing another, there are a bunch of Ponzi, HYIP(High-yield investment program) occurs. However, because of currency’s price fluctuation, it may cause a loss at last.

Here is a quick example.

James has heard about ZZZ currency with a prospective dividend yield of 20 per cent, and he bought 1 ZZZ which is 10 dollars per ZZZ. He will receive 1.2 ZZZ after a year, but if the price halves in the meanwhile, he will get only 6 dollars. In short, he invested 10 dollars, but only 6 dollars will be in his hand.

Just carry on with your favorite currencies. We will give you bonus in same currency you have. Your balance will increase as time passes.

4. Isn’t bonus very little?
We don’t set specific daily bonus amounts. Bonus works depending on the daily volume. High-volume will give you a high bonus. If you like this concept, please bring your friends and family over to Dove Wallet. Dove Wallet is just starting its service, so more users would create a virtuous circle.

5. Is there a minimum amount for Bonus?
But bonus we distribute should be bigger than 0.000 000 001, which is the smallest number to present in our system.
Most people will get bonus if he or she doesn’t deposit super little amounts.

6. When can I receive?
Dove Wallet distributes every day from 0:00 to 1:00 (UTC). We calculate bonus amounts some time after 0:00 and usually distribution starts around 0:10. You will get bonus if you deposit before 0:00 (UTC).

7. Can I check the bonus details by myself?
Sure! You will see the details on ‘Bonus distribution history’ page.

Daily bonus rates and histories are open to anyone.
Here’s bonus verifying equation.
(the amount of your balance) x (daily rate) / 100 = (your daily bonus). There can be a small error due to precision limit, but it will almost match perfectly.

Enjoy our bonus, and Super happy!



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