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Recap of AMA Agareum x bubbalex.media

Month ago we announced our first AMA with Agareum CEO Lance Connolly in our telegram community, this is a full article contains each question from both of our communities (English and Russian) and answers from Lance.

Q: What’s recipe for make Agareum do to achieve success?

Lance: Develop a fun game which allows people to collect cryptocurrencies.

Q: What are the plans of new game features in the nearest future?

Lance: We are planning to add 5 more game modes this year.

Q: How the AGR token is expected to be used?

Lance: You will need AGR to play and participate in 3rd party gamedrops.

Q: What benefits would its holders get?

Lance: The demand of 3d party tokens will increase its value, because people will need AGR to participate in 3d party gamedrops.

Q: What makes AGR token different from other similar projects and what is the teams unique selling point?

Lance: This is a fun game that allows people to collect tokens in an addictive gameplay.

Q: Does Agareum promote gambling in any way?

Lance: No.

Q: Is AGR listed on any exchange? If yes, which exchange? If no, any plans to list soon?

Lance: AGR not listed yet, we will list on several exchanges once we raise money.

Q: Listing is planned at the end of the 1st quarter, but are there any plans to support the price on the exchange? A lot of tokens distributed, what will be done so that the price is not rolled away?

Lance: There will be lockups and withdrawal limits.

Q: What programs will be launched in the future so that the price of the token is stable when entering the exchange? Trading competition / buy back for example? Are there any plans for that other than those stated on white paper/road map?

Lance: We have many plans for our project, we carry out tasks one by one. You can check out our updated roadmap.

Q: How do developers want to add value to the AGR token? Indeed, in the case of listing, it will simply be dumped to zero. What I mean: will interesting paid functions be added? Will you create something like a game store where we can buy additional skills, scins, the right to place your own advertising both in game mode and on the main page (banners, etc.).

Lance: We are constantly working on developing the game and adding new features to it, precisely in order to increase the value of our token. You will be able to see the new version this week.

Q: What’s your outlook on the future of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain?

Lance: I believe blockchain and crypto will change the world completely.

Q: What is the role of tokens in the Agareum Ecosystem & why do you need Blockchain?

Lance: Transparency and showing real value of a token in the ecosystem — wait for the new version.

Q: If yes you need Blockchain then why do you need Agareum tokens?

Lance: Blockchain is a safe and cheap way to sell, exchange and send money all around the world. The AGR token will be introduced into the ecosystem of the game and will be necessary to use some functions, such as participation in third-party gamedrops.

Q: Why so many players left the game from the beginning of the project when it announced on Airdrop rating?

Lance: I can’t know exactly why people leave the project and we are very sorry that this is happening. We launched several advertising campaigns that attracted a fairly large number of people during these campaigns, not all of these people became regular players.

Q: Why Agareum didn’t fundraising ? Did Agareum already has investor/or who behind backbone this project?

Lance: We believe in building a project and testing it first before taking on investment. We self funded the project — Coinfabric itself.

Q: What is the function of the Agareum platform on a blockchain, is it just a game or a centralized airdrop from another project token?

Lance: Its a game for 3rd party gamedrops— a new type of airdrop. You can read our article with explanations how this works.

Q: What is the strategy to attract investors or other projects to be interested in airdropping on Agareum? Judging from the capacity of the game platform itself which often experiences problems seen from many complaints of players, I think it would be better if the development of the game takes precedence over the addition of new game modes.

Lance: We agree with this strategy — we have worked in over 40 blockchain projects and using CoinFabric‘s experience, we believe and understand the best way to take a crypto project to market is development — these things take time, not money.

Q: Fundraising like what will do in phase Q4, why not fundraising at the beginning before listing on exchanges, considering that just now Agareum has lost many players early in the last year.

Lance: We need to test and make sure people actually want this type of blockchain project before taking on investment — MANY projects raise funds and don’t even have an MVP. We building the MVP first, then will take on investment IF the project is successful.

Q: I understand the basics on how the platform works, are you planning on adding different tokens?

Lance: Yes, the game built for 3rd party tokens — instead Airdrop other projects will be able to do Gamedrop on Agareum platform.

Q: Can projects conduct their bounty programs through Agareum, like a interesting way to battle out for tokens for a certain event?

Lance: Yes, that’s why we built it.

Q: Are you planning on adding ranks of level for players? Like 1–10 is beginner, 10–50 is intermediate, 50–100 is Agareum Pro and so on. I believe this will motive and help players know what skill level is their opponent.

Lance: Yes, we will add new features one at a time.

Q: Is there anything members can do to improve server quality, like running a node-like software to host Agareum servers in different locations around the world and earn a percentage of tokens from the game-pool as a rewards. I believe this is a good idea for the future, so I want to know if the team has thought about it or can this idea even theoretically work?

Lance: Theoretically yes, but we are not quite there just yet.

Q: Will there be a option in the future for the community to be able to create, host their own server or run their own group of servers where they offer tokens to the players?

Lance: Yes.

Q: How long does it take to eliminate: lags, glitches, freezing?

Lance: Once we taken on investment and start raising money we will add more servers and increase gameplay, right now we are building an MVP.

Q: Many players, including me, complain about freezes in the game. When will this be fixed? What is being done for this?

Lance: We understand the frustration — we will increase servers when we raise money.

Q: How was the idea of creating such a project born? Who was the first to suggest this?

Lance: A year ago a team member of CoinFabric suggested to recreate a game using blockchain — we choosed agar.io.

Q: How much money have you already invested in this project?

Lance: Around $50000.

Q: What community means to you, Lance?

Lance: Everything — the community is the forefront of any project, we build our projects around our community and its feedback.

Q: What big use cases for the future do you see Agareum solving for new clients?

Lance: We have a partnership with a massive airdrop company.

Q: What are the main factors to chose Ethereum blockchain for Agareum or it’s just because of the popularity of Ethereum network?

Lance: The game built to do a 3d party gamedrops, most new tokens are ERC-20 or built on ethereum — we focusing on those.

Q: Do we expect action games by Agareum platform in future because mostly game lovers like this genre?

Lance: Yes, we will build and add more different games — not only Agareum.

Q: If I understood correctly, Lance working in Bravo project as well. Does this prevent you from concentrating on Agareum?

Lance: No, I have a large team behind me — coinfabric.com

Q: What means / opportunities / ideas do you have for popularizing your game, how do you plan to attract new users / players?

Lance: We will run global marketing campaigns with strategic partners.

Q: How is the project planning to make a profit? Can you briefly talk about the economic model?

Lance: We will raise money on 3rd party gamedrops.

Q: I would like to understand the prospects, on what the “value” of tokens will depend?

Lance: Pay to play.

Q: Who, besides real people, plays with us?

Lance: We have bots to test the MVP — they don’t collect or save tokens.

Q: Will the developers add the token to other games? Or is Agareum the first and last game? Digital currency is a unique thing, it can be used as a business tool, so it would be logical to create other games / services where AGR will be in demand.

Lance: We are planning to create new games that will need AGR tokens in future.

Thank you everyone for participating in our First AMA session! As a sorry for the delay we want to reward not only 3 winners, but all participants! Each participant will get 100 AGR tokens. I’ll pm you in Telegram for distribution details in following days.

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