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Agareum bounty finished

Bitcointalk Campaign | Altcoinstalks Campaign | Spreadsheet

We are happy to announce that Agareum Bounty Campaign has been successfully finished in time, as promised — at November 17th, 2019. Calculation are finally done, since November 22nd, 2019. Distribution is promised by the team until the end of this year, full announce will be in official chat.

Distribution of Tokens

Bounty campaign allocated 10 000 000 AGR tokens.
Twitter Campaign — 25%
Facebook Campaign — 25%
Blogs Campaign — 10%
YouTube Campaign — 10%
(Bitcointalk) Signature Campaign — 15%
(Altcointalks) Signature Campaign — 15%

Bounty final calculations

If your work rejected it means that — Your video or article have low quality, fake activity or you a cheater, who stealing content, also you agreed with these general rules, when joined:

5. Using multi-accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. It will result getting all of your accounts permanently banned from the campaign.
6. We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spamming the forum.
7. In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your Stakes.
8. We may not accept you in the campaign for any reasons.

So your work rejected and there is no chance to be rewarded after that Everything checked and rechecked, there is no mistakes. If you think that someone used your identity — contact us in telegram with proofs, don’t waste time, please, just write me — “Hi, bubbalex, in spreadsheet number “116 (for example)” is not me, this is a scammer, ban him, please.” Same in case you seen that someone steals others content.

All see in Spreadsheet = final results

There will be no changes anymore. We understand that there may still be inaccuracies and errors, but the project needs to move further towards development, and I need to start looking for other projects. At the agreed time, at this stage, we tried to do the best as possible.

If your work is rejected, but you are not a scammer and are 100% sure of this, we congratulate you on being an honest person, but this is not enough within our bounty campaign and there is a certain level of quality and rules that must be fulfilled.

Improve your skills, look at the works that have received the highest rewards and learn something new from them, and then next time you may be one of those who will be rewarded for excellent and unique content and for help the project in marketing.

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