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Cartesi bounty limits

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Due overwhelming demand, in less than 2 weeks we are setting limits for bounty campaign.

We understand that our bounty allocation is quite small, that’s why we want to make participation as profitable as possible, we can’t increase campaign budget, but we can limit amount of participants.

We didn’t set limits from the beginning, because we didn’t count on such great support and didn’t expect our limits to be reached, especially in less than 2 weeks. Thank you for that support, it means a lot for us, this proves that the project is more important than the imaginary millions usually promised for a bounty campaign.

• Twitter Campaign: 1000 participants
• Facebook Campaign: 1000 participants
• Content Creation Campaign: 1000 submissions
• YouTube Campaign: 1000 submissions
• Bitcointalk Signature Campaign: 100 participants (registration closed when we reached 110 participants — we will not exclude those, who already registered)
• Altsoinstalks Signature Campaign: 100 participants

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