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DIA bounty campaign has been finished

Calculations and Distribution details

Month ago, at the July 8th, 2020 we launched DIA Bounty Campaign, it lasted 4 weeks and ended yesterday, 4th August, 2020.

The very next day, on the 5th of August, I finished checking all twitter reports for the last week as well as the signature campaigns. Now you can remove DIA signature code.

You can already see the final results of converting your stakes into tokens in the Spreadsheet. As stated from the beginning, the distribution will take place in three phases.

Distribution Details

  1. 30-days after bonding curve end
  2. 60-days after bonding curve end
  3. 90-days after bonding curve end

Bonding curve is currently ongoing and should be finished by August 18 or earlier. You can check progress at DIA Announcement channel.

In the spreadsheet you can see your stakes for each week. Green = earned stakes, blue = inactivity, red = mistakes.

At the right side you can find column Total Tokens, where your total earnings in tokens are indicated, next to this column you can see columns Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, these are how the distribution will happens.

Part 1 = Phase 1, 30 days after bonding curve end

Part 2 = Phase 2, 60 days after bonding curve end

Part 3 = Phase 3, 90 days after bonding curve end

From this moment no changes are possible in the spreadsheet, all stakes are calculated, all reports are checked, bounty thread locked.


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