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How to trade Free TON in chatex bot

Guide how to buy/sell in the Telegram @Chatex_bot

Chatex is the official service with European licenses for cryptographic exchange, which operates in accordance with current EU legislation and does not store personal data of users, they are automatically transferred through a secure channel to the verification service (Sum&Substance Ltd).

Chatex provides an opportunity to connect additional security measures in the form of PIN codes. The service uses reliable wallets from BitGo (not self-written).

Open bot

Open https://t.me/Chatex_bot
Choose country/language
Create username


Bot will ask you to provide phone number/email — you can skip it for now. Verification is not required for the small amount, exact limits are different for each country.

Click Wallet

Click Deposit

Choose TON Crystal

Copy address from the bot and sent tokens to this address from your surf wallet

Chatex bot will give you wallet address, which looks different from the surf address — don’t worry. Surf wallet support it and will automatically convert chatex bot address.

Surf https://web.ton.surf/

Send small amount for test, Free TON network is fast, but deposits in bot are not, wait for the confirmation message from bot about successful deposit. If it’s successful you can send more tokens next.

Web surf wallet

After confirmation about deposit click Exchange

Choose buy or sell, I’ll sell in this guide

You will see a list of currencies

The TON Crystal is on the next page, click button from the pic below

Choose trading pair, I’ll use USDT pair in guide

You will see a list of orders

The higher price is on the top

1.365 USDT is the price for 1 TON Crystal

574.6377 USDT is an amount of max sum for that price

Confirm sell order

Choose amount to sell and confirm again

Next you need to withdraw your assets

Click Wallet again and click Send

Choose your currency

Put your withdrawal wallet address

Enter the amount of transfer

Ethereum fee is quite high now, the chatex fee is much less, if you withdraw other currencies it will not cost you 5$ for 1$ transaction.

Specify the amount and confirm withdrawal.

Wait for the confirmation from bot

I hope this short guide is helpful for the people, who never used Telegram trading bots before. Thank you for your attention!

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