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SimpleChain project review

Double layered PoW MainChain supporting Multiple SubChain consensus, Fund, Cross-chain, Mining, App, Wallets, Partnerships, DApps, promo

This article is purely informational, is not an investment advice and should not be used for these purposes. Remember that any investment carries risk, and investments in crypto currency in particular.


SimpleChainis a public chain that can support all kinds of subchains and applications. SimpleChain implements applications in many areas such as court system, copyright protection, big data sharing, e-commerce, games and entertainment, and offline payments.

From the point of view of the judicial system, the first judicial subsystem of SimpleChain VeraxChain and its services Baoquan.com deposited and authenticated evidence in the first case in China, which accepts evidence on the basis of blockchain. VeraxChain cooperates with a number of law firms and authentication organizations and maintains close ties with three online courts in China and the first online notary service.


Through the development of a core PoW chain and flexible subchains, different subchains can accept different types of consensus and block data structure as needed to allow the use of different applications and blockchain options.

SimpleChain is the basic blockchain infrastructure for the Integrated Financial Services Platform of Zhejiang Province Government in China. This platform allows the government to share large data resources with banks based on blockchain-authentication, so that banks can diversify the data to model lending.

SimpleChain, helps GlobalTime, a social e-commerce platform with 50 million users to create a “blockchain + social e-commerce” model and change the relationship between the platform, suppliers and consumers.

The Game World Chain (GWC) gaming platform has built a system for publishing and evaluating games over SimpleChain. Based on digital blockchain assets, users can evaluate games, make donations to game production teams and receive bonuses. We also launched our first mobile blockchain game, XiaYiDao.

SimpleChain and Wuli Coffee, a team of startups from Zhejiang University, jointly developed a blockchain-type smart coffee machine that supports SIPC payments. The automatic coffee machine was installed in Zhejiang Province, serving 80,000 users daily.

Smart coffee machine with payments in SIPC


The project was originally initiated and funded by the developer community. SimpleChain Foundation members are also investors. At the moment, the project has several working services and various partnerships in China, the expansion to the global market began with a listing on the CoinEx exchange.

Marketing and Bounty

Team SimpleChain conducted a bounty campaign in 2019, but it does not seem to have attracted much attention.

Not so long ago SimpleChain launched the Community Ambassadors program, which has already been joined by several participants, which resulted in the emergence of several global Telegram Communities, including the Russian one, under the management of bubbalex

At the moment, small competitions are already taking place in local communities, such as the competition for activity in the Russian Telegram community, airdrop, quiz and photo contest.

Several AMA sessions were held, and an online meeting of SimpleChain Foundation members.


SimpleChain has its own USB Mining Machine — SimpleNode X1.
Hash rate: 2M. Power usage: 5W. The machine is a good way for beginners to get involved in the SimpleChain blockchain, as it does not require much knowledge to configure the mapping.

There are also several mining applications:

  1. SimpleNode: https://simplechain.com/download/simplenode
  2. SimPool: https://simpool.sipc.vip/ (was recently translated into English)

In addition to the official one, there are third-party mining pools, which can be found in SIPC.VIP mobile application.

DXPool (English & Chinese)
Mining guide with DXPool


1. Chainbox: Decentralized SIPC Mobile Wallet
2. SIPC.VIP: Centralized SIPC Mobile Wallet, with features including cloud mapping, news and community, gifts and ecosystem mapping.
3. SimpleNode: PC Wallet & Mining client
4. SimPlug: Browser plugin wallet

In the SIPC.VIP app you can create a new SimpleChain wallet or import an existing one. Also by default in the application you will already have a wallet address, but to use this address you will need to pass KYC, because it is necessary to use some ecosystem services. So you can create a new wallet if you don’t want to pass kyc.

Current market and listings

Both SIMPLE and SIPC represent SimpleChain’s native digital asset. SimpleChain was initially listed on Chinese exchange www.ztb.com

Listing on the CoinEx exchange happened on June 15, 2020.

Recently SimpleChain implemented cross-chain feature, so now you can swap your tokens via ZT exchange from the SimpleChain network to the ETH or TRON networks and you can provide liquidity for the SIPC/SIMPLE on the Uniswap or JustSwap.


Developer Challenge and further potential

The current price of the SIPC token (also may be called SIMPLE) is around $0.5. With further development and new partnerships/listings there is potential for growth.

Recently, a major upgrade of the SimpleChain main network happened. This is a full-scale upgrade covering main-chain performance, cross-chain communication and sub-chain modules.

At the end of September, the SimpleChain Black Hole Developers Challenge ended and the results should be published in October. The applications are now being reviewed by a jury, 3 product demos were demonstrated during the contest.

The project has strong international advisers — members of the SimpleChain Foundation Council, who promote SimpleChain solutions around the world and Global Community Ambassadors, who promote SimpleChain among users via global communities.

Useful links

Website https://www.simplechain.com/

Bitcointalk ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5187987.0

Altcoinstalks ANN https://www.altcoinstalks.com/index.php?topic=163199

Wallet https://www.sipc.vip/

Telegram community https://t.me/SimpleChainEN

Announcement channel https://t.me/SimpleChainNews

Medium https://medium.com/simplechain

Twitter https://twitter.com/SimpleChain

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