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What does Bubblehunt do?

Bubblehunt is the web search platform, where you can create own search system without coding. Create own search for your bookmarks, articles, interesting news, tools and so on.

How to use — here you can read about cases.

Why you use this name? What it mean Bubblehunt?

On Bubblehunt every user can create own “bubble” — information space with search and most interesting, useful resources.

We took the idea of a bubble, its colors, its roundness and created our logo.

And when some user want to find information — he becomes a hunter because he is looking for information in the bubbles that other users have created.

What is it different than other search engines?

We reinvent current model of search systems. We adapting our search platform for collaborative and sharing economy, where every user can be independent information provider, like miniGoogle and provide own opinion about any topic.

What is “bubble”?

Bubble — is a information space with selected resources and information in user profile.

In your bubble you can save thousands of resources and you don’t need care about directories. We indexing resources that you added and give you relevant results for your requests.

Why do I need to add resources?

If you are designer — you can upload all resources about design and create own search with this best sites, news etc.. And when other user enter “design tools” or other request — he get a results from you.

We think, that you are best neural network in the world and know most interesting links about your topic.

What is current status of Bubblehunt search?

Now we working every day on relevance, indexation system, database improvements, algorithms and other. And we need to made else very, very much work! You can read our Roadmap to understand our nearest plans to development and you can influence to them: give us your Feedback & Ideas, tell us about features that you want and what you need on platform.

I get not so relevant results by people, why I need to use this search?

All people think different and can give you different results and opinion for your request. Therefore you can get more surprising, interesting and new information.

In other popular search engine you get 10 blue links with most visited sites. It’s relevant results, but you get this information today, tomorrow and next day.

And imagine if you enter request about Medicine and get results by doctors? Or you get results by independent journalists, who curate most truthful articles for your request. We think that this can be new alternative for exploring and searching information.


How do I create a Bubblehunt account with Twitter?

Make sure you’re signed in to your account at twitter.com. Then choose to sign up for Bubblehunt with Twitter. We’ll never post to your Twitter account without your permission.

How do I create a Bubblehunt account with Facebook?

Make sure you’re signed in to your account at facebook.com. Then choose to sign up for Bubblehunt with Facebook. We’ll never post to your Facebook account without your permission.

Will you ever post to Twitter or Facebook without my permission?

No, never.

Can I use the search without authorization?

Yes, sure. But to influence on search results needed authorization.


Why Authorization through social networks?

We make authorization thought social networks to protect against the spam and bots. We strive to get results from real people.

If you want to use system without your social account, please vote for this feature on Feedback & Ideas. And we made it possible.

How do we use the profile of the social networks?

We need it just to create a profile on the Bubblehunt. We do not track users and does not collect data. We get information only about sites that you add in profile and using this data only for creating search index for you.

👉 We don’t track and store your search requests.
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