How to use Bubblehunt?

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Bubblehunt is the web search platform, where every user can create own search system for interesting and useful resources.

You can create private search (soon) for your bookmarks, thematic search for your audience, personal web for your company/team and using platform in other way.

Imagine if people can ask you through search system? Where you outsource your knowledge and helpful information for yourself, your students, employees, team members or other people, who can find information with your help.

Main search

Search global and in local space with @username

Here you can get results from people. When you enter “design” you get information from users, who find something interesting for this request.

You are designer, illustrator, developer, …? You can add in your profile any interesting resources and help other find new and useful information.

Create own information space with interesting resources, add useful links, articles, news, pages —other work like indexing, ranking and search system will do automatically.

Personal search system

Create your own search system

In your profile you can add any web resources. Our platform help you quickly finding information, which you saved.

Add your bookmarks, useful services, news, articles and other resources that you find interesting and useful.

This is like miniGoogle, but for your resources.

Extension for browsers

Save resources in your web in 1 click

Save that you like in your profile in 1 click with extension.

Your personal search system help you organize and get relevant results from your web faster and comfortable. You don’t need care about directories, lists and gadgets — save in your web, organize if you need — in any way you find that you need on any device.

Save your time with Extension for Chrome.

Private profile

Create private search for your bookmarks

You can make your profile private or public. If you have information that you feel is personal — make your profile private and only you get access to your search system.

It’s perfect way for organize bookmarks, where we collect resources for personal use.

Create thematic search

Create thematic search for your audience

If you are teacher or professor you can create open search for your students, where they can find information that you approve.

You can create search for recipes, history, math, torrents, books, interesting products and so on. Collect any information that can be helpful for you and people.

Search system for company and teams

Create knowledge base for your customers or employees

If you are company or team — our platform it can be perfect place for collect any relevant for your activities information.

Add in your search system links to answers or other useful information and provide for your customers, employees or team members search without coding, that you can improving and changing in minutes.

Become information provider

Share your opinion about any topics

And main thing on our platform — you can get information and answers from people. Today “you” are the best “neural network” in the world. And you can say what you think about any topics.

This is not 1 page with results from around internet like in other search systems. You get opinion from other people and we all think different. And they can recommend you a lot of surprising, new and interesting information.

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