Hello, friends!

We’re looking for people who want to be a part of Bubblehunt and make web more social, truthful and interesting. We are building a place where you can create your own search system and provide information which you think is important.

We are enthusiasts and looking for more enthusiasts! We are looking for ideas, expertise and feedback. You can help us in many ways: develop with us, share your opinion or tell people about us. Together we can and should make much more!

Data Scientists, we need you)

We are looking for a person with good experience ( at least 3 years ) in field of applied data analysis in highload distributed systems.


  1. Making impact on upgrading search system architecture and services.
  2. Configuring and tuning search engine to make results more relevant and fast.


  • Database index creation
  • Complex database queries
  • Expensive queries optimization


  • Experience in search engine creation
  • Experience in machine learning
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