Top Five things church people tell single people that I hate

Okay its time. Time for the phases I hear from church people to try to make me feel better about not being married.

if this is your picture i’m very sorry i saw on fb and it’s how i feel today. inbox if needed
  1. You’ll be dead soon
  2. Marriage isn’t all that great

3. At least you don’t have kids

4. Why don’t you join a…

5. Maybe you should try harder

  1. You’ll be dead soon.

There’s a scripture that talks about not acting like you have a wife/husband on earth because after all this life is temporary and Heaven is eternal. When I’m in a singles funk the first thing people tell me is that well ‘There’s no marriage in heaven’ so I should just be happy. enter →blank stare.

Okay. Yes I suppose its true I will be dead soon, I suppose that is accurate. But telling someone not to desire marriage because after all we ‘die tommorrow’ is like telling someone to forget that trip to the Grand Canyon because after all those rocks wont be there forever. I do think that between 20 and 60 God didn’t intend for us never to see whats around on planet earth. I mean did He mean you should never unpack your bags after your mom brought you home from the hospital. Am I supposed to wait by the door and never go outside because after all Jesus will be returning soon and we will all die? Okay, because that’s how I thought that sounded. No I think God isnt mad we ‘experience’ a couple of things while on this earth, so telling singles its okay you have no boo because we will be dead tomorrow its at best a copout. Marriage should not be our PRIORITY because this world is passing a way, but its okay if i live thanks.

2.Marriage isn’t all that great.

Really? it isn’t then why don’t you stand in my line then. (enter crickets sound here) I’m pretty sure you got married because you ‘WANTED” to and or loved your spouse. So saying ‘marriage isn’t so great’ is like telling a starving person in the desert food is overrated. If it was so bad I’m sure no one would be signing up at all. There has to be some good and telling me it isn’t is simply condescending to a single persons intelligence. Especially if you wouldn’t trade places with me and you know it. Also we aren’t talking to people who are wanting to be single because they want to continue in sin. In God, no singles are over here swinging on stripper poles, so since I don’t see married people bum rushing the door for “friday night book club meeting’ or yet another singles meeting spare me the pity. Thanks. Marriage is a blessing and when you speak to me its okay to say so.

3. At least you don’t have kids

Okay here’s one i especially hate. If there was no marriage there’d be no people. Yeah, i know earthshattering isnt it? People are kind of important and so is marriage, because if there is no marriage most times there are no little people. So while you are complaining about toting that child around to class or camp please remember that child will hopefully go on to do something important like build a church, or find a cure for cancer or even just make other little people. Also when I die there will be me, and no one who looks like a little me. I’m over it, but don’t for granted the blessing of having little ‘people’ thanks.Maybe its better to say, my gift is raising little people and yours is not, but to say ‘be glad’ i don’t know sounds a little strange.

4. Why don’t you join a…

I cook, clean, serve at soup kitchen, raise other peoples plants pets and the other. I go on mission trips and feed the homeless (whew tired just talking about it) I am a member of this club and that club, so thanks for your suggestion. But you EVENTUALLY have to come home. I suppose that’s what Jesus was talking about when He said He had “no where to lay His head”. It’s great being on the road but like Mali Music said in his song “no fun alone” ‘sometimes you just want to come home to tuck your son in bed’

5. You must not really want to be married, maybe you should try harder

Um, Okay sure lol.

Anyway, overall when you are talking to singles, try a little compassion, its ruff out here. I promise to sympathize when you complain about your husband woes and you don’t have to pity me by acting like marriage isn’t a blessing. It’s okay I’ll be fine and we can all get along in this wonderful sphere we call planet earth. If there are any I missed feel free to include them in the comments…toodles.

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