BubbleTone: New Version Released

BubbleTone is a new generation messenger with 100+ useful features. Customized for the needs of mobile operators, the messenger provides additional revenue streams on voice calls and SMS messages from the app and other telecom services.

The Bubbletone team is glad to announce that a new version of our messenger has been released on October 26.

We have fixed a number of software bugs and implemented a number of improvements to make it easier to use the application. So, what has been changed, exactly?


  • The first/main tab now contains a list of calls that a user has made, answered or missed;
  • New icons for the “make a call within the Bubbletone network” (peer-to-peer calls) and “make a call to PSTN” options;
  • The option “save gender information” in the “personal information” section in a user’s personal account now works properly;
  • The last message sent or received by the user now stays visible, even while the user is typing a new message with the pop-up keyboard;
  • There are a number of Android phones that have the following defect: their proximity sensors do not work properly. As a result, when calls came in, the screens of these phones would go black. This problem has been solved;
  • The settings menu includes a section called “additional info”. Among other information, this section includes the user’s Bubbletone number and balance. The Bubbletone number is the number which the user receives after they have signed an agreement with an operator. In the previous app version, this information disappeared from time to time. This problem has been solved.

SMS messages

  • In the previous version, if a user had a large number of text messages stored on their phone, the app worked slowly. In the new version, the app works quickly regardless of the amount of messages stored on the phone.

Distribution of broadcast messages

  • Operators are now able to receive notifications on whether their users have received and read the messages broadcasted to them.

Audio and video connection

  • We have upgraded codecs. As of now, we use VP8 codecs to provide a better quality of audio and video connection, provided the users are using Internet with high bandwidth;
  • When a user would make a call, they would have to listen to a ringback tone. As of now, originators of calls can enjoy listening to music when placing a call, while the destination terminal is alerting the receiving party.


  • Previously, after starting a Hide-Chat — a secret chat, hidden from prying eyes — the user could not make the chat visible in case there was no need in hiding it anymore; Users can now make Hide-chats visible or invisible again whenever they need to;
  • The development team has built the final version of Smoke-Chat — a solution that prevents secret messages from being forwarded or copied. After a message has been read, it disappears (it is shown burning down, and then the smoke clears) so the recipient cannot save, copy or forward it;
  • In the previous version, to send a video to other users, a user was able to record a video with the time limit of 30 seconds. As of now, there is no time limit. Users can record videos that last as long as they need.


  • The additional section “Notifications and Ringtones” has been added to the settings menu. This section allows users to choose ringtones for notifications when they receive messages and calls, switch vibration on/off and send notification signals to headphones.

Our development team continues to work on the application. In the coming future, more useful features will be added. In November, our team will also start to actively promote the app among mobile operators. More news will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

The messenger is available on the App Store and Google Play: