Eleventh by Terry Bain

Fight. Flight. Sleep. Breath. Ruin.

April Eleventh

Fight. Your deadline means just that. Trip and miss your date, your heart in your throat, your last nerve on fire.

Flight. Make yourself comfortable. Whatever position you are in today is the one you will hold for eternity.

Sleep. The cat wants out. No, the cat wants in. She’s woken the dog. The dog wants to play.

Breath. Hold my hand. The bed won’t hold us. The room won’t hold us. The day can’t contain the steady drip of our love.

Ruin. You are ruined. The floor creaks in the spot where you step every morning making coffee trying not to wake the children.

Fight, flight, sleep, breath, ruin. Don’t listen to the voices. You’re awake now. Awake now. Awake.

Terry Bain is the author of You Are a Dog and We Are the Cat ‡ TwitterInstagramLetterboxdTinyLetter
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