How to Sleep by Terry Bain

How to Sleep

April Seventh

Not so many nights 
ago, I died.

It bothered me, 
this dream,

but not the fact 
of my demise.

I am aware 
that nobody cares

to know 
my nightmare.

But never mind. 
Listen. Remember

the moment, 
a tin taste

forever on my tongue, 
an ungainly chest flip

twisting sleep. 
My turmoil was

about sorts. I was 
out of them, confused,

I did not wish to

die, but more 

I would

awake exhausted, 
having sabotaged

my own
rest with pique.

Give me this: a place
to lie down, a

gentle, mechanical
breeze. Let me linger

but not long, and not 
worry death

so long as sleep
is snug and


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Copyright 2019 Terry Bain