Against Darkness

April Tenth

against darkness 
appears alone
around flung
because who 
better make 
black forever
cat re-
center our
doctor visits 
doesn’t know
don’t stay
ear canal
even this
event not
far away 
feel entire
galaxy cold
get free 
getting going
go where
he makes
her last
hole away
horizon say
just say
know say
lazy say
like not
likely but
look you
matter to
me take
medicine drink 
not be
our alas 
over our
own exposed
picture un-
plugged if
she wouldn’t
stop this
thing those
things are
too full
up for
us and we
want to be

Terry Bain is the author of You Are a Dog and We Are the Cat ‡ TwitterInstagramLetterboxdTinyLetter
Copyright 2019 Terry Bain