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April Twelfth

Admiring the straight and sensible 
page irresistibly drawn to identify 
Caslon. Columns aligned, a piece 
of prose with an embedded poem 
cornered in white space along with 
with a miniature drawn toque blanche 
squared into the gutter. I won’t
read the wpords yet, but spend 
the morning in spread admiration; 
running heads and page numbers, 
kerned letter pairs, margins and lead. 
Okay. I might read the cartoon. 
I do not understand how this draws 
my attention from feathers to finery, 
but I am here in it with you, my cool 
attention from center to corner to headline 
to lettershape to line break, my eye 
a meager laminate over balanced
emotion. Artifice and artpage 
after artpage after artpage. This 
gallery is words, my weekly fixation

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