Rose by Terry Bain


Night. Cats in heat cry murder to lovers.
Day stir, sleep beyond feral cur nightmare.
Light reflects green mirror-eyes of others,

right until morning, hide beneath covers
, sing tortured songs, tangled in pairs of
night, cats in heat cry murder to lovers.

Bright children of flight, new-minted mothers
, bay scent-songs vanish their fresh-marked lairs.
Light reflects green, mirror eyes of others.

Flight in her veins — beckon the shutters
, into the field of mice, a taste for blood flares
night-cats in heat. Cry “murder” to lovers:

and sight unseen willing to love her.
They lust; tire squeals, guitar strings, high beams glare,
light reflects green mirrors, eyes of others

, and human attraction, face buried in furs,
we pray she survives her feline affairs.
Night cats in heat cry, “Murder!,” to lovers’
light, reflect green, mirror eyes of others.

Terry Bain is the author of You Are a Dog and We Are the Cat
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