Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash

Yes, I Knew You Once

Or you knew me. Things are 
yes different now

and we are both so much closer to death. 
We are all of us handing our

worlds gradually to our 
children. To headbangers and skateboarders

and youtubers and virtual assistants
and those who don’t yet even know but it’s okay.

They will do alright. They will make the world 
into their own shape and one day stand

where you are now. Where I am now. 
Wondering if the changeover will be so bad.

If the beards of our youth will look as 
gray to us as the beards of our elders. If the dogs

have always growled the same way. If listening 
to music has always seemed an act of

ritual defiance. If we will wait for each other 
in bed or if there may come a day that we allow

the sting to fade enough to sleep, then sleep. 
Eat chocolate chips in bed, crackers at the

table, hard boiled eggs despite what we’ve
claimed is unfathomably distasteful.

We have become people who make messages
on screens too tiny for our thoughts, our thoughts

too enormous for our minds. 
We’ve brushed our teeth. We’re off to bed.

Imagined alternate lives. Not about regret 
but gratitude. Money and fame and

hot booty sex are illusory, not desire. Oh, 
you know what I mean. I think

you know 
what I mean.