Bucket List

Things I want to do before I kick the …

Before I die

This is a bucket list, and subject to change at any time. I shall comment whenever I complete an item from the list.

Just in case you don’t have “Find a Great New Jazz Record to
Love” on your bucket list…..

Wild guess: There’s no jazz on 99% of American bucket lists. Likely there aren’t many people who would say they wish to learn more about this art form, which has been notoriously and laboriously dying, at least according to the press, for decades. A common perception is that jazz peaked…

Running a (half) marathon

I’ve never been much of a bucket list person, I tend to limit my focus on a goal rather than goals. I can’t imagine enough interesting things to do at any one time…

Best before…

Before I expire I am going to do these things:

1. Rekindle a lost love. Regret is part of the nature of man (and woman). Don’t shy away from it and don’t act like it doesn’t exist. Perfect yourself and take up an offer to start things new. And start new things.

2. Spend a month waking up at dusk and turning sunsets into the morning’s first…

I want to…

— Take the Trans-Mongolian Railway and stay in a yurt in Mongolia.

— Go on a century ride (bike 100 miles).

Play a Prank on Myself

Before I die I want to play an elaborate prank on myself.

Still unchecked on the global to do list

* Spend a few months in India and marvel at the humanity of it.

* Learn how to swim crawl.

Eventually I want to

another bucket list 

  • Sing Karaoke
  • Explore the Musee D’Orsay in Paris
  • Take Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia

In no particular order …

… and subject to change without notice:

* Eat a freshly-picked mango.

At some stage…

… I would like to:

* Complete an iron man.

* Become a qualified EMT.

Bucket List
Bucket List

Things I want to do before I kick the …

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