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I’m Convinced. You Don’t Need Personalization.

In personalization, there’s a zoology of naysayers and the things they naysay. Just the same, it’s critical to engage constructively with dissenting views. I’ve learned a lot this way. You might, too.

If you know how to spot them, the dissenting arguments on personalization (see a working definition and background here) are few, but consistent, in conforming to a common line of complaint:

  1. The critic. For some, personalization is synonymous with filter bubbles, overzealous retargeting, or dark patterns. It can’t be done virtuously.
  2. The skeptic. For us, personalization is a hill too high to climb. We can’t execute reliably or effectively.
  3. The pundit. The personalization gap is a disillusioning horse race of have and have-nots. The game is rigged.
  4. The pragmatist. We don’t need personalization to compete. It’s irrelevant.

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Jeffrey MacIntyre

Jeffrey MacIntyre

🎯 Connected experience obsessive. Consultant in strategy and design for personalization (https://bucket.studio) + content-focused connected experiences.

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