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Progressive Personalization: A Decisionmaking Model for Better Outcomes in Personalized UX

Like many of you, I’ve worked both long and widely enough in digital to see personalization brave its journey from promise to pratfall to myth, and back again. Lately, it’s made the run from white whale to white-hot all over again. Personalization is re-emerging today with newfound relevance, sophistication and ubiquity.

But the past has a way of being prologue, doesn’t it?

Current status: Stranded, and stuck, in the personalization gap

Credit: Mark Riston for Marketing Week, June 21, 2017.

In the shadow of personalization’s more celebrated successes — the Amazon chestnut that 35% of total revenues are owed to the recommendations UX — various Cassandras highlight its shortcomings: personalization subjects consumers to filter bubbles and overzealous retargeting. I regard these as speed bumps to more evolved, nuanced and satisfying user experiences to come.

The real problem with personalization is executional.

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Jeffrey MacIntyre

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