The joy of low hanging fruit

Peter Parfitt
Nov 15 · 2 min read

And why sometimes it can be the sweetest tasting

Low hanging fruit

Much of what we have delivered and worked on over the last 12 months or so has been big picture stuff. Complex services such as planning, schools admissions and home to school transport have been subjected to the prodding and poking of User Research, analytical observation, needs analysis, persona creation and testing.

Rightly so, these are areas where we need to make sure we do the very best for our residents, and they are complex, really getting under the skin of them is difficult, I’m confident that there are people in my team who know the home to school transport process better than some i service (only kidding!).

Sometimes though there are things which are easy to do and sometimes we’ve sort of ignored them. So what if they are described as low hanging fruit, surely some of these should be the ripest and sweetest fruit in the orchard, but that's a pretty unheard opinion.

But this week (and last to be fair) we’ve been looking at a number of services that just needed a bit of a tidy up, and because of that meant we were able to work on them really quickly. So Food Safety, Cemeteries and Crematoria, School Crossing Patrollers and Walking and Cycling have fallen into our purview.

So let us celebrate some of the quick wins, sometimes they are just what the team need to show velocity and traction.

But it’s not all easy stuff this week, we also had a bit of a review of our vision and strategy. We’ve always had a single, relatively easy to digest vision for our website.

We will give our residents more free time, by making everything they do with the council faster and easier.

Sounds simple, and like all simple things, it’s really difficult to pull off. But this week we’ve also been threshing out how we might do that and we’ve come up with a few Strategic Aims that will support our Vision. These are a work in progress but may fall somewhere along the lines of those below.

An ariculation of our Strategic Aims
An ariculation of our Strategic Aims
Strategic Aims

It’s early days, but I can almost feel a Digital Strategy coming on (but it would have to be very light touch).