Brian Pt.1


I was driving home after work on a Friday while listening to Jazz. I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before and made the sensible decision to skip lunch and instead drink 5 cups of coffee. In my delirious state the fast and violent sounds forced images of abstract paintings into my mind. I wanted to be surrounded in a womb of abstract paintings.


I don’t have the time, attention span, or spare cash to learn how to paint so why can’t this be a technical problem. I will train an AI to do it for me. I need to build 3 things.

  • A programmable canvas that can read and write paintings in the form of brush movements.
  • An AI that will formulate and iterate batches of commands for the canvas based on settings and a genetic algorithm.
  • A way to provide feedback to the AI as to what is a pass or fail and group artwork.

Plus some self-imposed restrictions:

  • Canvases are 400px by 300px
  • Components in the canvas can be strokes or irregular polygons with varying magnitudes of curves and fills.
  • There may be 1–5 base colors.
  • I will name it Brian.
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