BudWorks is leaving Wix

What this means for budworks.co

For over a year, we’ve been using Wix to host our website. We chose Wix because it was an easy, free, and quick way to build our site. However, as it’s gotten more expensive to run, it’s also gotten harder to manage.

With the expenses of the domain, store, and other costs for features we’ve never even used, things have started to get out of hand. Along with that, a lot of the features included with Wix lack what we want for our site.

We’ll be creating a new website from the ground up, and we’ll be hosting it ourselves. This new website will be a hub for everything BudWorks related, featuring a search function to find anything you need, as well as a mobile-first responsive design. We actually tweeted out a preview for this new site at the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately, this new website won’t include everything the Wix site does at launch. For example, the Bud Store will have to be indefinitely closed while we implement alternatives to Wix Stores.

We will also not be able to migrate any accounts made through the Wix site onto the new one. Fortunately, BudWorks accounts link only to the Wix site itself, so this won’t cause any issues.

We plan to shut down the Wix site on Sunday, September 13, 2020. While we were hoping to release the new website out at the same time, we’ll have to hold off on that. We’re aiming to get the new website live by the end of the year.

That’s all we’ve got to say today. We just wanted to update everyone on where we’re going in terms of the website. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy what’s to come!

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