Közvágóhíd (Public Slaugtherhouse)

In 1865 more than a hundred private slaughterhouses in Budapest were shut down mainly for the reasons of public health. In 1868 it was decided to build a public slaughterhouse and cattle market on fourteen hectare area on Soroksári Road. The reason for location was the concentration of food processing plants already in the area and due to already established rail connection delivering crops from Low Land counties.

The slaughterhouses themselves had 30 slaughter chambers. There was space for 600 cattle at the slaughterhouse and a further 5000 at the cattle market.

Today half the of the area where the slaughterhouse is has been cleared. What remains is in industrial use and in dire need of repair. This complex should be restored and transferred to some kind of commercial use with small boutique shops and cafes.

However I fear that the property prices though may outweigh the historical significance and eventually all of it being demolished to be replaced by some glass and metal office building.

Map from 1884