Keresztúri Út (Újszász utca) 41–43

Újszász utca 41–43 has quite a rich history and has changed hands several times. I was not able to find the complete history with dates though, so please accept my apologies for any inaccuracies.

MÁG — Magyar Általános Gépgyár (Hungarian General Machine Factory)

In 1913 MÁG — Magyar Általános Gépgyár (Hungarian General Machine Factory) began production of aircraft engines under licence from Austro-Daimler. MÁG boosted the production further in 1915 when it took a credit from Magyar Általános Hitelbank (Hungarian General Credit Bank) and built a new factory in Mátyásföld, next to the airport that was operating here. In 1917 the first Hungarian helicopter was built at this factory — the PKZ-1. The factory produced 260 fighter aircraft and 800 engines in the new factory by the end of the First World War. However as a result of the 1929 financial crisis the MAG factory was liquidated, with the process dragging on through to mid-1930s.

Magyar Királyi Honvéd Gépkocsiszertár 1943
Magyar Királyi Honvéd Gépkocsiszertár 1943 — 40M Turán (based on Škoda T-21) 1943

The next tenant of the area became Royal Hungarian Army that established a vehicle repair shop here which survived after World War Two — Magyar Királyi Honvéd Gépkocsiszertár. I am not quite sure, but I believe that after the Second World War the complex was split, with one part remaining a military vehicle repair workshop, whilst another part was made available for civilian use, as this is the case right now. After the WW2 the civilian part of the complex became part of the Ikarus Bus factory that was operating not that far away in the same district.


In 1992 the former Ikarus factory was purchased by First Hungary Fund and began manufacturing buses under the name NABI (North American Bus Industries). Under NABI’s ownership the factory produced 8500 UFBs (unfinished bus bodies) and 63 finished buses. The American models are still in use on the streets of Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Boston, Washington, Las Vegas, etc., and so are the 63 finished buses that were sold in the Hungarian market. In 2006 Cerberus Capital Management acquired the US parent company, and with it the Hungarian NABI.

In 2013 after the American owner exited the Hungarian market, the evopro group bought the factory in Budapest together with NABI Hungary, Ltd. and all its intellectual properties, but without its naming rights. The company exited the US market and the evopro group formed the new MABI-BUS Ltd. One of the products is the all electric range of Modulo buses, one of which is currently in use on Route 15 and also 25 in Budapest.