Budbo Tier 2 Tokensale ends ahead of schedule — Tier 3 set to continue the trend

Budbo — a blockchain based solution provider for the marijuana industry, is taking the tokensales ecosystem by storm. After finishing the Tier 2 of its sales on schedule, Budbo has announced the commencement of its Tier 3 sales.

The Tier 3 sales of the BUBO tokens are also expected to get sold out much ahead of schedule.There are 30 million BUBO tokens up for grabs at the attractive price of $0.30 per token. BUBO Tokens will be the digital utilities that power and incentivize the Budbo ecosystem and platform.

Budbo’s recently concluded Tier 2 sales received a stupendous support from a diverse group of people ranging from marijuana enthusiasts to crypto-enthusiasts. 25 million BUBO tokens were offered during the Tier 2 sales at $0.28 per token and were sold out as scheduled.

The company, started by Rick Burnett in the year 2017, has attracted the attention of multiple stakeholders across the globe. Founded with the vision to position itself as the leader in Supply Chain Management for the Global Cannabis Industry, Budbo plans to use the blockchain to deliver working modular code and a sandbox environment to minimize development time, infrastructure and investment.

With the wave of marijuana legalization making news all over the world, the number of supporters for this project has further increased. Budbo concluded its pre-sale at $0.20 per token in January 2018 in which more than 35 million BUBO tokens were sold.

This means that the contributors who took part in the Tier 1 sale own tokens which are valued at a $0.10 premium already. The utility of the token is only bound to increase as the Budbo platform scales and replaces the existing supply chain. The next tier, Tier 5 is slated to go on sale at $0.35 per token. So if one contributes now, he is certain to own tokens whose utility will appreciate.

Sweetening the deal is the fact that the maximum possible number of tokens is fixed. This inherent deflationary structure ensures that the inflationary phase of the economic cycle has no effect on the token utility. In comparison, the utility of a fiat currency decreases over time.

If you have not purchased the token yet, register now and buy BUBO tokens at attractive prices. This opportunity will not present itself again in the future.