Family Meditation

Healthy relationships, of all kinds, start and grow when all involved are able to love themselves, respect themselves and understand their own needs, boundaries, and emotions. This isn’t to say that loved ones, friends and family don’t help when self love is difficult but rather that self-love and self awareness makes loving and understanding others easier. Families that place a value on understanding and loving the self are sure to find growth in the dynamic relationships that exist in the family unit. How can one cultivate self love, respect and understanding? One way is through a practice of meditation.

Meditation offers space and time to explore and come to understand the self. Though this journey of the self often empathy and sympathy is cultivated by uncovering aspects of one’s own identity. If each member of a family takes a journey of personal growth through meditation the source of many common family conflicts is eliminated. Meditation can offer each member of a family:

· the ability to recognize their emotions

· the ability to express one’s self

· The ability to understand boundaries and personal needs

· Meditation teaches impulse control and reduces the need to implement consequences

· Improves quality time family time and alone time

How can you bring meditation into your home? Start by developing and creating your own self practice. Weather you set aside 5 minutes or a hour just start where you are comfortable. Then begin to discuss the benefits you may feel with your family. Eventually encourage them to join you or create their own practice. For tips on how to meditate with your children please read the following blog post: How to Introduce your Child to Meditation. Bringing meditation into your home can become a bonding experience and offer parents an opportunity to be role models for self care. Meditation is a simple way to bring metal and emotional wellness to each member of your family improving the family unit as a whole.

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