What is Meditation

Meditation is like stopping and smelling the roses. You don’t do it because you owe it to yourself nor for the sake of the roses. You stop and smell the roses because it came to you on a whim. The moment arose and in this moment you were one, both with the roses and yourself. In this moment you are experiencing peace.

Meditation is about allowing the scent of the roses to come into your life. Meditation is recognizing that these moments are everywhere and in every moment of everyday.

In the same way, when I take a moment to think about something lovely: a flower, a light, a feeling, a person, a word or nothing at all I allow a smile to come over my face and begin to feel joyful and peaceful.

Now, where did this peaceful feeling came from? Initially we tend to think it came from the rose, or the light or the lovely thing I was thinking about. But this is a little bit of a trick question because it is not the thing itself that brought about the feeling of peace it was the thought of the thing. This is what is meant when some say meditation can bring inner peace.

You control your own thoughts and at any time you can bring the sort of peace that exists in stopping to smell the roses even when there isn’t any roses around.

-Buddha Babies Books

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