Use Reachability for Easier Access to iOS’ Notification Shade

Buddy Reno
Jun 11, 2016 · 1 min read

I’ve got fairly small hands, so when Apple showed how reachability would make it easier to tap icons at the top of the screen, I was excited.


I like large screened phones, but have a hard time using them. This feature definitely makes it easier for me, but one thing I struggled with was getting access to the notification shade. I still have to stretch my thumb way up or move my hand up onto my phone more. I’m more likely to drop since I have to balance it on my fingers to reach the shade.

Moving my hand around to get to the shade.

Messing around with my phone the other day, I discovered that reachability not only brings the icons closer, but also access to the shade! Tap the home button twice to enable reachability, to bring the top of the screen closer. All that empty space at the top can be used to access the notification shade.

Easier access!

This might be common knowledge, but I hadn’t seen it demonstrated before.

Buddy Reno

A web developer who loves technology and stuff

Buddy Reno

Written by

A web developer who loves gaming, technology, metal, and other stuff. Currently at Ramsey Solutions.

Buddy Reno

A web developer who loves technology and stuff

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