The 3 best developments in gaming over the last decade

Ten years sure go by fast, don’t they? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I got my first victory in Civilization III? Now here we are, just after the release of Fallout… which one are we on now? 4,264? A lot has changed in the last decade. Major franchises have come and gone and virtual reality is a thing now.

But virtual reality has yet to dominate the gaming industry. Maybe in another decade, it can be included in a list similar to this one. Without further ado, these are the three best developments in gaming over the past decade.

1. Open worlds

Sure, open-world games got their start over a decade ago, but they’ve only come into their own in the last 10 years with the launch of the Assassin’s Creed franchise in 2008 and titles like Grand Theft Auto, Skyrim and the Witcher pushing the boundaries ever since.

Increased computing power, better graphics, and beautifully designed settings have turned open-worlds from a novel concept into arguably the most immersive gaming experience you can have. Open-worlds used to struggle with limitations, but those are rapidly being torn down. While No Man’s Sky suffered from poor reviews upon its release, it also boasted an entire open universe where players could explore. Limitations don’t apply to geographical location anymore, and it’s made gaming a pastime to take more seriously.

2. Independent games and mods

If this list were ranked from most important to least important, the emergence of independent games and mods would be number one. Talk about a revolution! Games used to be produced by big companies with the resources and technical know-how to put together a final product leaving many players to imagine how the game could be improved after a few playthroughs.

But it’s no longer imagination. Individuals with a little bit of technical understanding can put together a basic game and modders are regularly reshaping games to itch that scratch and make the game match their playing styles. It’s a whole new world of possibilities.

3. Artistic products and public perception

Gaming studios have branched out a lot over the last decade, partly thanks to new technological abilities like the virtual reality that have made new concepts possible. But this development has also been driven by artistic creativity as game producers have made gaming more like the movie industry — sure it’s entertainment, but it’s also so much more. It’s meaningful stories, moving experiences and highly sophisticated artistic creation.

This drive towards sophistication has made gaming accessible to more people with a more diverse set of interests and changed public perception for the better. Gaming isn’t just something to do in your free time for a laugh anymore, it’s an emotional investment and a legitimate form of art open to lively discussion and interaction.

Overall, the gaming industry has opened more doors than it’s closed in the last decade, leaving room for further growth and development that we’re all excited to see and experience. What are you looking forward to going into the future?

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