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Want to be a pro gamer? Here are some tips from the pros

Most of us game for fun. Why else would we do it? While the pros also wouldn’t be doing what they do if they didn’t love it, they’ve made a career out of doing what they love. They may not gain the sort of fame (yet) that football or basketball players enjoy, but they are rewarded for their efforts with prestige, adrenaline and some serious money in prizes, sponsorships and merchandise.

Sounds tempting right? What gamer wouldn’t love to make a living in front of a screen? But how do you even become a pro gamer? Unfortunately, getting there isn’t all fun. Most of the pros say they don’t do much sleeping and they’ve dedicated years to being the best. Like with any other hobby, if you want to make a living out of it, you need to start taking it seriously — as seriously as the pros who have broken down the path to professional gaming into 8 steps:

1. Pick a game — Nobody is good at everything. If you want to compete professionally, you’ll need to focus on one game. Playing against AI opponents won’t cut it either. Get ready to live your life online playing against real opponents. Challenge yourself by trying to compete with and against the best players you can find online. Focusing this intensely on one game will build your reputation and make you better.

2. Find your motivation — Trying to be cool usually won’t cut it. Even dreaming of the prize money probably won’t be enough to take you all the way. When you feel like you’d rather be sleeping or some jerk online is getting you down, it’ll be good to have something more personal to hold onto.

3. Practice — This will take up the bulk of your time. pro gamers regularly spend over 10 hours each day playing the single game they’re trying to get good at. It’ll pay off when you become one of the best.

4. Get the right gear — You’ll need to invest in a decent rig and high-quality internet to reach competition level — there’s no way around this. That being said, you don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive equipment, you need to get whatever fits your specific needs and the game you’ve chosen. If gaming on external console is your thing, then all you’ll need is the console. Pretty straightforward.

5. Be an active community member — Pro gaming might require a lot of personal skill in whatever game you’ve chosen, but it’s also about networking and making the right connections as well as working as being a team player. The best way to meet these criteria is to be an active community member. Post where they post online, meet up with them for games, ask for tips and offer them as well.

6. Join a team — Once you’re well-known within the community as a strong player, it’s time to join a pro team. If you’re lucky (and super good) a pro team will come to you. If you’re a bit more proactive, try out for teams or seek out the communities that allow you to foster your own team.

7. Enter tournaments — Start competing in as many online and local tournaments as you can. This will get you practice, build your reputation as a competitor and get you prepared for the pro circuit where the real money and rewards are.

8. Find sponsors — The final step to breaking into the gaming pros is the get sponsored. Sponsors will provide the equip you need to compete and help get you a spot in the world’s most prestigious competitions. Congratulations! You’ve made it.

So, if you’ve got the itch to be a pro gamer, it’s going to take lots of time and dedication. BUFF can help make it worth your while by rewarding you with BUFF tokens as you play. You can exchange those tokens for cash or use to purchase in-game items that will keep you interested and motivated to play another hour and another until you’re the best.

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