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Living The Dream : Fulfilling My Destiny

Let’s start at the very beginning…

It was a hot July afternoon my phone rang and I get called up for an interview. The next day, I was there and was introduced to this whole new idea of conducting an interview over a cup of tea and a cigarette (such a Bong thing). Fast forward a few days and I’m here at Buffalo Soldiers. Just like the hot Delhi summers, the mercury level of my excitement was high, and the friendly team made me feel home.

I was hired as a Content Strategist. The first few months were nothing less than struggles and epic failures. For most part of the days, with me being dazed and confused, I just used to notice what everyone around me was doing. During those days, the only thing I learnt was how vibrant the work culture here was. And to be honest, it was the sole reason for me to stick around and grind it out here. Gradually, I picked up the tricks and trades and started picking up momentum.

Finding a place…

A few months passed and with the winds of change, we as an organization changed as well. It was a much-needed transition that brought a breeze of fresh air and with it came some extraordinary humans who helped me grow in my career. This breeze of transition also helped me switch my career from being just a content strategist to handling accounts and managing clients.

Being able to experience a few live projects and learn about every individual who run the show, helped me prepare for the world of work at Buffalo Soldiers.

Within a few months I was promoted to be the team lead for client servicing and accounts. They say, with great powers come great responsibilities. But what they missed out on is, you always have people to share those responsibilities with. As I kept on growing, I started enjoying the work we did. No longer I was dazed and confused, I was rather “high on work”.

The heart of what we do…

When it comes to growing as an organization and changing, the last year and so have been extremely crucial to me. The shift towards a management approach by having our values at the forefront of everything we do, not only as a professional, but also as an individual. Everyone has been a part of the process to get to the heart of who we collectively as a team are. We have always motivated ourselves as a collaborative brain. We live by the mantra of Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. At Buffalo Soldiers, we always try to innovate and transform to become more agile and be ready to face everyday challenges.

The uniqueness of Buffalo Soldiers…

The unique thing about Buffalo Soldiers is the sheer sense of camaraderie.

The organization resembles my personal values. I love its openness and the progressive nature. Working at Buffalo Soldiers is all about having fun at work, while maintaining synergy between productivity and work culture. As an organization, more of often than not, we do the right thing by sitting down together and thinking of what the right thing to do would be. It’s such a strong starting point for us and it also helps me believe in my work.

I personally feel, #FurtherTogether doesn’t only stand for our relationship with our clients and partners, but also for the bond shared by every individual working here.

A fairy-tale career move…

The organization has been a revelation in my career. With baby steps, I kept growing as a professional here. The journey from being a Content Strategist to an Account Manager to now being the Co-founder of the organization has been nothing less than a fairy-tail. Becoming a partner member of the organization at a relatively early stage of my career is definitely going to be challenging. A challenge which I look up to facing.

I am someone who craves for change, so to think of me sticking to one organization for a couple of years, is a testament to how much I enjoy it here.

“Give your best in everything you do and everything you deserve will be served.”



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Arnab Kundu

Food Junkie. Bacon Lover. Sports Enthusiast. Team Lead, Client Servicing & Accounts @ Buffalo Soldiers Digital. Dream, Dare, Dazzle, Develop, Design.