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Ask a Remote Worker Video Series

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

What if we produced a video series answering some of the community’s questions about remote work? What if we could gather folks from inside and outside the Slack community to answer those questions via recorded videos?

In the Buffer Slack community, we have a channel called #topic-remotework where we discuss topics related to telecommuting, working from home, and working remotely. Questions about co-working spaces, productivity challenges while working from home, or asks for team management advice are posted. What if we gathered the top 5 questions our community has about remote work to see if we can get some great crowd-sourced answers?

How did you land a remote gig?

What is the biggest challenge you face as a remote employee?

What is a unique thing your remote team does to stay connected, organized, or productive?

What “hacks” have you discovered from working remotely?

How do you manage a remote team?

Once I had our questions, I could gather our team of experts. Nearly a dozen remote workers submitted answers to one or all of the questions asked by community members. After I collected the recorded answers, I had a blast editing them into the video series with the guidance of Arielle acting as a sounding board.



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Jacqueline Jensen is a COO, former venture-backed startup founder, TEDx speaker, author, and Royal Society of Arts Fellow.