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AWS Workspaces: “auth code invalid”

Fixing the registration code in the configuration files

This is just a quick blog post to solve a problem I’ve had more than once with Amazon Workspaces. Sometimes when you start the Workspaces client you may have issues with the registration code for the workspace. You can find the registration code when you expand the details for the AWS Workspace in the console.

I recently performed and update of the AWS client and then when I launched it, it told me my registration code was invalid. I knew this because I had recently restarted my AWS Workspace. I client the link in the client to reset the registration code. That didn’t work. Next I went to the menu at the top of the screen and reset the registration code that way. Still didn’t work.

I turned on logging and checked the logs. The logs give a different error which tells you there is an authentication problem but does not say it’s due to the registration code, but I figured that must be the problem. I looked at the files in the directory above the logs directory. On a Mac those files are located here:

/Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Amazon Web Services/Amazon WorkSpaces

In this directory you’ll see these two files:

RegistrationList.json UserSettings.json

In both of these files you’ll see the following settings:

"RegistrationCode": "[value]","CustomDescription": "[value]",

In my case, the application was setting the CustomDescription to the registration code I was entered, but not updating the Registration code value. I updated the RegistrationCode to what it was supposed to be in both files and then it worked again.

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