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Bugs That Bite

Can’t Schedule Meeting with AWS Chime

Blank screen when you hit the schedule button

TLDR; Did a free trial just end? Delete everything and create a new Chime account in your AWS account.
Any time you think about writing an error message that says “Contact your administrator” DON’T. Stop right there. I don’t know how many times I got an error like this when I am the administrator! It's not helpful. As a developer you should be able to see the role that is logged in and know that the person is an administrator, or just don't do it. Provide a useful error message.
In addition, I was going to try to login to an old account to set up a meeting, but I couldn't login. Then I couldn't reset the password on the old account, and I also couldn't set up a new account, because at that moment, I couldn't get either SMS text messages or emails. The problem with the email messages may have been me but I don't know what was going on with the text messages. But I shouldn't have to do all that in the first place.
Fix: Need a number to call! Also: Do not tell me to sign up for support to pay to report bugs and system issues. It seems like if you pay for a service it should work? IDK.
That ^^^ is ok for me with just a couple of users. That is NOT OK for a large organization that would need to remove and re-add 1000’s of users.I hope AWS fixes this soon. I got lucky. If my client was cantankerous (they were not) it could have cost me money.
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