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Bugs That Bite

Medium Error: Story could not be saved

Problem while editing Medium blog post related to batch and logLockId

Not sure why but getting this lock error trying to update my Medium blog.

There is nothing wrong with my Internet connection.

When I check to see what is getting blocked:

I see the following:

It seems to have to do with these particular URLs:

What is odd is that I’m publishing this new post and it initially had the error but now it seems to be saving correctly. The other blog post that was initially getting the error is not working still.

I think I figured out what the problem is. I’m trying to post some code to the other story. Somehow that code is causing this bug. That indicates that medium is not properly processing something I’m typing. This may or may not indicate a security problem. These types of bugs are what I seek and and test on penetration tests.

Teri Radichel

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