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Bugs That Bite

Super easy to bypass Medium paywall

Don’t expect to make money on Medium by using a paywall

It is so easy to bypass the paywall on Medium that it is a complete joke. You can basically see how to do it in the introduction to their bug bounty program:

I make like $2 per month off Medium and I don’t put anything behind a paywall. The only way I get that $2 is if I refer someone to join meeting. Since I have a number of followers on Medium I suppose most of them had already joined and having followers gets me nothing. The pay wall doesn’t work.

If Medium expects writers to post serious content that people want to get paid for on their site they need to fix this. I write mainly to help people hopefully attract some viewers that might need my services, but other than that I don’t write on Medium in hopes of getting paid. In fact, I often consider standing up my own blog or using some other platform but I haven’t had time and so far, Medium is easy. So I’m still here. We’ll see for how long.

Also interesting is that I was having an issue with Medium when trying to save a story the other day. For some reason this never got any hits. Hopefully Medium fixes these issues soon.

Teri Radichel

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