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Community Updates 2021

Q3: Jun — Sept

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

Finishing our Solidity study group we wanted to get back to the roots of growing the general community, this quarter has been focused on onboarding new users and onboarding new community collaborators!

Blockeadas — Women in Blockchain

Blockeadas is the new member of the community of BUIDL, their team is focusing on organizing events that onboard women into the Blockchain Space. Since its inception they have organized a monthly event:

Mujeres en Blockchain with Fiorella Scantamburlo

The first meetup of Blockeadas in July with Fiorella as a guest.

Mujeres en Blockchain with Romina Sejas

This meetup was organized in partnership with UNITEC a local college in Honduras.

Lucy and Stephany are leading this effort, follow them on Blockeadas.

Ethereum TGU

The most notable update is that the Ethereum TGU community got a grant from the Ethereum Foundation, which allows us to do more activities while improving the quality of the events.

Another update is that our flagship community event is back on track, each month, participants can grab a unique pixelated POAP for the last remaining events of the year (Grabbing them all will unlock a surprise 😉).

Some of these past meetups include a Zapper tutorial and a review of the London Upgrade and EIP-1559.

Upcoming Activities

The community is working hard in creating new experiences for new members to engage with Ethereum as a way of life.

The Future of Art

The Future of Art is a series of workshops targeting artists interested in creating their first NFTs. We plan to end the workshops with an online auction and a physical museum displaying the best art. If you want to help us send me a mail to cris@ethereumtgu.com.

Hackathon Muñón

The Hackathon Muñón was originally created at San Pedro Sula, Honduras by the local technology community around 2013. There have been 4 events to date and the aim has always been to have a good time while creating, networking, and getting feedback on what we do. We have great plans for this year's edition including NFTs, Swag, POAPs, and on-chain voting.

Community Sub Grants

This is still a work in progress, but the plan is to have some sub-grants to fund projects that benefit the local community (I promise to post more about community sub-grants in a future post).

Notable Activities

Other activities that were organized by the community:

Global Leadership Experience

UNITEC created some workshops to teach high school students how to create their own wallets, earn POAPs and use them to participate in a POAP painting party.

Metamask + Aave — Aprende a Usar Aave y Crea Tu Billetera de Ethereum

A workshop about how to use Aave and create a wallet on Metamask.

La Bitcoinera launches the first Ethereum and Bitcoin ATM

Honduras has its first Crypto ATM by La Bitcoinera, we are really proud of how our local community has been evolving over time. You can find them here https://twitter.com/La_Bitcoinera.

Parting Thoughts

This community is fully run by volunteers and grant money. If you want to help us, we are participating in round 11 of Gitcoin grants any donation will be matched using a Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (CLR) Mechanism so anything you contribute is going to be of great help.

You can also contribute in other ways, like sharing our content or being a guest in our meetups. You can reach me by sending me an email at cris@ethereumtgu.com or at @Crisgarner on Twitter.




BUIDL Honduras is an open community for anyone interested in the Blockchain as a problem solving technology.

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