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Community Updates 2021

Q4: Oct — Dec

First time meeting with some community member since COVID-19

This quarter, besides our normal meetups, we have been doing some experiments on how to fund our community activities, we launched a Coordinape Circle for community contributors and are about to launch a grant program.

Blockeadas — Women in Blockchain

Blockeadas has been crushing it with their meetups showing that women can led and teach anyone about Web3, Blockchain and Ethereum.

Stephany and Ahh Sun talked about their experiences with Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs.

Ethereum TGU

As our neighbor country (El Salvador) Bitcoin law is got active we focused some meetups talking about some of the impact BTC had in the local economy and how to use BTC in Ethereum.

Ethereum TGU Meetups

We are closing the year with a meetup about creating a better world with Ethereum and launching our community grants program.

Upcoming Activities

The most notable upcoming activity is the launch of our community grants program, were we seek to fund public goods in Honduras.

Who knows the needs of hondurans better than hondurans?

More information on this next week once we launch.

Notable Activities

We sponsored the first physical Hackathon, Sube Latam 2021 so participants could earn rewards by creating a proyect using Ethereum, we are also giving a talk in the Semana Internacional de Ingeniería in Unitec.

Some community members launched Funky Crocs, a NFT collection were some funds go to swamp protection.


Parting Thoughts

This community is fully run by volunteers and grant money. If you want to help us, we are participating in round 12 of Gitcoin grants any donation will be matched using a Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (CLR) Mechanism so anything you contribute is going to be of great help.

You can also contribute in other ways, like sharing our content or being a guest in our meetups. You can reach me by sending me an email at cris@ethereumtgu.com or at @Crisgarner on Twitter.




BUIDL Honduras is an open community for anyone interested in the Blockchain as a problem solving technology.

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