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BUIDL Honduras (March — Jun)

For the last few months, Honduras has been under strict lockdown to prevent infection rates from the COVID, yet that didn’t stop the community from being active. We migrated all our events to virtual and even connected with some international communities.

Here are some of the activities we did as a community:

Open Finance Meetup

In this virtual Meetup, we taught attendees about Open Finance and Defi, with examples.

College Webinars

Some community members shared their Blockchain knowledge with students of UNITEC and CEUTEC.

Jorge Garcia, the founder of Voto Social, gave a webinar about the challenges and (some) product, business, technological, and legal solutions when making a product on Blockchain.

Oscar Fonseca gave an introductory talk to blockchain in general for students and the difference between ETH and other networks was explained, he also shared POAP Tokens to participants.

Ethereum 2.0 Meetup

We invited Raul Jordán Go Developer working on the Ethereum blockchain protocol and originally from San Pedro Sula Honduras, to talk about Prysmatic Labs and the current state of the Ethereum 2.0 development.

Go Ethereum Workshop & Go Study Group

Non-related to Ethereum, we started with Raul a Go Study Group. There is a lot of interest in people learning the Go Language, some of the participants are interested in Ethereum so we organized an Ethereum workshop with Go.

Community Podcast

We started a Spanish podcast called Blockeados to share some resources and educate people in our community. So far we have 5 episodes published with 2 in the queue to be launched in the next days.

Next Projects

Here are some of the projects we want to focus on the next few months:

Ethereum Study Group

The Go Study Group created a month ago has been a success so far.

It has a curriculum in mind, and each week there is a 45 minutes talk to share knowledge and do code reviews. We have a Discord where participants share resources.

We want to replicate the same experience with Ethereum material.

Community Node

Onyx Eth2 Testnet was just deployed and if you see the Nodes Map, and we manage to run our small Prysm Validator.

ETH 2 Onyx Testnet Node Map

But, the overall activity on LATAM even on the Main Network is small.

Mainnet Nodes Images from Ethnodes.org and ethstats.net

Even Vitalik got some comments when he shared the Onyx Map.

We want to change that, so our next project is to launch a node running physically in Honduras. We expect it will further help the development of the local and LATAM ecosystem.

Parting Thoughts

We will keep generating Spanish content and organizing local meetups over the next months.

This community is fully run by volunteers and grant money. If you want to help us, we are participating in the round 6 of Gitcoin grants any donation will be matched using a Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism (CLR) Mechanism so anything you contribute is going to be of great help.

You can also contribute in other ways, like sharing our content or being a guest in our meetups. You can reach me by sending me an email at ceegarner@gmail.com or at @Crisgarner on Twitter.




BUIDL Honduras is an open community for anyone interested in the Blockchain as a problem solving technology.

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