53 Tools You Need To Build Applications On Ethereum

Ravinder Deol
Aug 13 Β· 4 min read
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πŸ‘‰ Build Your First Smart Contract On Ethereum With Solidity…

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πŸ€– Programming Languages

Solidity is the main programming language for smart contracts, however there are other languages which will be useful depending on your usecase.

  • Solidity β€” Object Oriented High Level Language For Smart Contracts
  • Vyper β€” Pythonic Programming Language For Smart Contracts
  • JavaScript β€” High Level Interpreted Scripting Language
  • Python β€” Interpreted High Level General Purpose Programming Language
  • Go β€” The Language In Which Geth (Go-Ethereum) Client Is Written In
  • Rust β€” Language In Which The Parity Client Is Written In
  • Java β€” The Pantheon Client Is Written In Java
  • .NET β€” Intergrateable To The Ethereum Blockchain With Nethereum
  • C++ β€” Protocol Development With The Help Of Github /Aleth
  • Ruby β€” See How Ruby Is Used In Ethereum With Github /Ethereum.RB

🏫 Smart Contract Libraries

These libraries are no different to traditional programming libraries. They contain reusable pieces of code, which can be shared time and time again.

  • OpenZeppelin β€” Implementation Standards For ERC20 & ERC721
  • Dappsys β€” Building Blocks For Building Smart Contracts In Solidity

πŸ” Smart Contract Security Tools

Security is of the utmost importance, hence tools such as these ensure your code is safe. As well as following the Ethereum best development practices.

  • MythX β€” Service That Finds Vulnerabilities In Your Smart Contract Code
  • Oyente β€” Utilizes A Execution Tool That Works With EVM Byte Code
  • Manticore β€” Command Line Interface, Uses A Symbolic Execution Tool

πŸ’‰ Smart Contract Testing & Deployment Tools

Tools such as these help you build, test and deploy your code. They are useful when you begin to create your decentralised applications.

  • Truffle Suite β€” Smart Contract Dev, Testing, & Deployment Framework
  • Waffle β€” Simple Library For Writing & Testing Smart Contracts In Ether.JS
  • Embark β€” All In One Platform For Building & Deploying Applications
  • Infura β€” Provides Instant & Scalable API Access To The Ethereum & IPFS’s
  • Rhombus β€” Oracle Solution For Your Smart Contract

🀝 Ethereum Blockchain Clients

Clients are crucial. They provide interfaces to create transactions, and mine blocks upon Ethereum. Here we have some of the most popular.

  • PegaSys Pantheon β€” Open Source Ethereum Client Written In Java
  • Parity β€” Ethereum Client Using The Rust Programming Language
  • Geth β€” Command Line Interface For Running A Full Ethereum Node
  • MetaMask β€” Chrome Extension Brining Ethereum To Your Browser

✏️ IDE & Editing Tools

IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments), and Editors are needed to write and test your software. Below we have the most popular.

  • Atom β€” Open Source & Usable Text Editor
  • Remix β€” Tools Allowing You To Debug Trasactions On Ethereum
  • Visual Studio Code β€” Ethereum Solidity Language For Visual Studio Code

πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Local Testnets

Local Testnets allow you to test your software in a safe environment, without deploying it to the public. Note these only run on your computer.

  • Ganache β€” Quickly Fire Up A Personal Ethereum Blockchain To Test
  • Ganache CLI β€” A Quick Ethereum RPC Client For Testing & Development

πŸ“‘ Public Testnets

Public Testnets allow Ethereum developers to test the decentralised application they have built, without publiishing on the main network.

  • Ropsten β€” POW Blockchain That Resembles Ethereum To Mine Faux Ether
  • Kovan β€” POA Blockchain Created By Parity
  • Rinkeby β€” POA Blockchain Created By Geth
  • GΓΆrli β€” Community Based & Open

πŸ–₯️ Front–End Interfaces

The front-end interfaces listed below will help turn your decentralised application, into a full scale project that is like on the main-net.

  • Web3.js β€” Ethereum JavaScript API Which Connects To Generic JSON RPC
  • Ethers.js β€” Ethereum Wallet Implementation
  • Drizzle β€” Front End Libraries That Make Writing Dapp UI Easier

πŸ”— Back-End Interfaces

To work with back-end interfaces for your dapp you should be well versed in the following languages; Go, Rust, Java, .NET, Ruby, or Python.

  • 8 Web3.py β€” Python Implementation Of Web3.JS
  • Nethereum β€” An Open Source .NET Integration Library For Blockchain
  • Web3j β€” Lightweight Java & Android Library

πŸ’Ύ Blockchain Storage Platforms

Data. Data. Data. Platforms listed below are where the data for your smart contracts are stored, IPFS is the most popular out of those listed.

  • IPFS β€” P2P Hypermedia Protocol To Make The Web Faster, Safer & Open
  • Swarm β€” Distributed Storage Platform & Content Distribution Service
  • OrbitDB β€” Decentralised P2P Database Upon IPFS

πŸ’½ Data Querying Tools

Tools such as those listed below will help developers gain access to key data that is needed for your Ethereum blockchain project, or application.

  • Alethio β€” Ethereum Data Analytics Platform
  • Etherscan β€” Block Explorer & Analytics Platform For Ethereum

🏒 Enterprise Blockchain Tools

When corporations test with blockchains, it is often enterprise blockchains. Hence, these are important for corporate blockchain devs.

  • Kaleido β€” Build & Run Cross Cloud, Hybrid Enterprise Ecosystems
  • Microsoft β€” Kit Simplifies How You Build & Deploy Smart Contracts

πŸ“š Educational Resources

The blockchain ecosystem as a whole moves at a lightning pace, hence it’s helpful to know there are more than outdated Youtube tutorials around.

πŸ‘” Work Resources

Indie developers also have much to gain this ecosystem, with marketplaces opening up harnessing the power of talented and distributed teams.

  • Gitcoin β€” Monetise Or Incentivise Work In Open Source Software
  • Bounties Network β€” Find Freelancers & Bounty Programs Paid In Ether

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