A Career Challenge We All Share

This past Tech Fest event at Commodore Ballroom, I was chosen to speak and represent ACL. The audience are some of the top talent in Vancouver. They attend to check out what the top selection of fastest growing tech companies are up to, while enjoying a beer or two & bites. It was a casual event with a great vibe and a ton of great conversations throughout the night. If you’ve never attended the event, I suggest you do, whether you are looking for a new job or not. It’s good fun.
For my 2 minute pitch on the stage, I decided to stay authentic and simply describe why I enjoy working at ACL. For that, I needed to explain how I manage my career choices. Here, I like to share it with you
Our biggest career challenge is staying employable for the next 30 years or so.

In the tech world, our biggest career challenge is staying employable for the next 30 years or so. This is quite a responsibility we have considering the pace with which technology is evolving. To remain employable, we can manage our careers the same way professional athletes manage theirs. That is they have 3 winning qualities we can all learn and apply:

#1 — They got mad skillz

They are good at what they do and have the desire to become even better players. They practice, practice, practice.

#2 — They keep track of their stats

They keep track of their stats like the number of minutes they get to play per game, number of goals they score, their +/-, rebounds, catches, blocks, and so on. In other words: They identify, measure, and know their contribution to the team and always work to improve them.

#3 — They have clout

They know they need to be known. For instance the more people out there who want to buy the jersey with their number on it, the more desirable and employable they become. They make sure they engage with, and are known by the communities they belong to.

For us and our desk jobs, life is no different. We need to continuously learn and practice; know what our contribution is and how that is pushing the organization we work for closer to achieving its goals; and inside the team and out there in our communities, online or in-person, are learning and sharing, networking and earning respect.

I feel lucky and proud to be playing in an all-star team, where everyone is growing, and learning from each other. My general rule is: If I’m the smartest person in the room, i’m in the wrong room and at ACL, i’m definitely in the right room.

Working in our office feels more like hanging out with a group of friends, working with the tools we like to play with, and building useful products that are in high demand by some of the biggest companies in the world. When things are good, we are playing, learning, and building cool stuff, not working. And when shit goes wrong, we don’t blame each other, we help fix it. With that attitude we’ve accomplished many great things, and that is why I :heart: working at ACL.

Just so you have a mental picture of what we look like, here is Jeremy showing off those mad skillz at #techpongyvr!


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