Addepar Form Studies

Exploring Identity Through Line, Shape, & Composition

Guided by a traditional approach to visual research and identity development, the Addepar Design team performed a series of studies to explore how we could translate our logo into a compelling, consistent visual language.

We started by breaking the mark into its essential elements — shapes, lines, angles, and its general nature. Next, we created compositions under systematic restrictions so that we could observe the effects of each variation. We began rounds of study by sketching independently, then regrouped to critique the results and redefine our parameters for the next layer of exploration.

Ultimately, we were able to extend Addepar’s logo into a collection of unique compositions under the same visual language. We’ve been able to repurpose our work to suit many different demands of medium and emotion.

The result of this exploration is our book, Addepar Form Studies, that gathers a few of our best designs and their applications. We discuss our process, methods, and interpretations to provide readers insight into the way we work.

Read the full story on our team’s Behance page.

You can download the PDF book here.