Building at Addepar

At Addepar, we’re solving complex problems for finance — one of the largest, most impactful industries in the world. We collectively refer to the people designing and developing the underlying platform as our Build team — a name chosen to remind us that we’re creating something new, that our platform is made to scale, and that we’re providing a long-term solution.

We’re launching this site to give our engineering and design teams a place to share insights into the problems we’re solving, the systems we’re building, and the lessons we’re learning along the way. Expect to see articles about our architecture, our open source efforts, our design philosophy, and how we’re building a platform to tackle some of the most challenging problems in finance. We aim to give our fellow engineers and designers an inside look into how we do things at Addepar.

What We Do

Addepar is building an integrated financial platform to bring clarity to a complex industry that’s long been underserved by technology. We’ve developed systems that aggregate, normalize, and reconcile financial data from hundreds of sources. We use this data to create a singular financial graph that cleanly models the complex integrations between individuals, investments, and the economy at large. The financial graph is the core abstraction underlying our distributed computation engine, which makes it possible for our clients to ask real-time questions about their financial data.

Using Ember, we’ve also built a best-in-class analysis and reporting application, which our clients use both to answer questions about the investments they manage and to easily communicate the resulting answers. In short, we help our clients make sense of — and explain to their clients — some of the fragmented complexity plaguing finance today.

Diving into the Analysis capabilities of Addepar
Building a new report using our report builder

Our direct customers include Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), family offices, funds, endowments, and wirehouses. By extension, we also serve the tens of thousands of investors our clients represent.

Who We Are

Of the 250 people at Addepar, roughly half are actively building the platform and the products on top of it. Our Build team is well represented in both our Mountain View and Manhattan offices, and represents an amazing mix of talented people coming from both well-known tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon as well as financial companies with strong engineering cultures like Bloomberg, Citadel, and Goldman.

Where We’re Going

We see a future in which Addepar’s unified financial platform connects the fragmented silos of data that constitute finance today. By building our own suite of products, supporting an ecosystem of integrations, and enabling 3rd party applications to be built on top of our platform, we aim to vastly improve transparency in the financial system while making it easier and faster to develop new applications on top of it.

We’re accelerating toward that future. We’ve just opened up some of our first APIs to integrate Addepar with a host of existing programs and products. Addepar’s data can now be used to power trading, rebalancing, billing, financial planning, CRM platforms, and much more. We recently announced a deeper integration with Schwab and a partnership with Salesforce to connect to their Financial Services Cloud. We’re continuously working with others to build out the Addepar ecosystem.

We’re also pushing the boundaries of scale in both our data aggregation and distributed computation. And we’re creating world-class web applications to solve some of the hardest problems in finance.

We’re excited to share our progress (and the lessons we’ve learned along the way). Stay tuned by following us here. And in the spirit of “building together” — one of our core values — we can’t wait to hear what you have to say in return. Please leave your thoughts in a comment or send them to!