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Introducing $HYPE. Liquidity locking protocol.

New projects struggle to attract enough liquidity and are forced to resort to the inflation of their token to support incentivized pools. HYPE aims to help with that.


How HYPE works?

To understand HYPE, it’s important to understand 2 things.

  1. All liquidity added to selected Uniswap pairs where HYPE is one of the tokens is locked and can only be withdrawn with a withdrawal fee. This fee is distributed to the remaining LPs in the pool to incentivize continuous staking.
  2. All HYPE transfers have a 1% transfer fee. A part of this fee is “recycled” back into the system and used as a farming incentive. The other part is put into the BUILD DAO treasury.

Note that all values are configurable and may be updated by the BUILD community governance voting.

Perpetual farming without inflation

Every HYPE transfer is taxed with a 1% fee.

The first half of this fee is used as a reward for anyone staking the LP tokens of a particular Uniswap pair.

The second half is deposited into the BUILD DAO treasury where the BUILD holders decide how it should be used. A part of this share will be used for launching new farms.

A new farm every few days for a different token

Every few days, we plan to launch a farm for a new Uniswap pool. HYPE will always be one of the tokens while the other token can be selected by governance voting.

During the initial boosted period of the new farm, BUILD DAO will deposit an allocation of HYPE as a reward to bootstrap the farm.

After the initial pool bootstrapping period ends, the farm will already have a sufficient amount of locked liquidity and will become self-sufficient with the help of the transfer tax which will be used as a reward to LPs of this farm.

Locked liquidity

All liquidity added to Uniswap which has HYPE as a pair token is locked with a high unlock fee. This fee is distributed to the remaining LPs in the pool to incentivize continuous staking.

Since the Uniswap pool will keep generating a fee on all HYPE transfers, these fees will be used as rewards for anyone staking the LP token.

Another effect of the liquidity looking is the continuous buying pressure this puts on the HYPE token.

HYPE is made by BUILD DAO

Tokens for which we’ll launch new liquidity incentives will be selected by the BUILD governance voting. Anyone is able to buy BUILD and vote to add their favorite token.

BUILD tokens also give holders the privilege to vote on the use of treasury funds. For example, the voters may decide to use the funds for the development of other products and to expand the revenue sources or to distribute the funds to themselves.

A part of the transfer and withdrawal tax will also be used to buy back the BUILD tokens and put part of them into the BUILD DAO treasury and distribute another part to the BUILD stakers.

Read more about BUILD DAO here.

Schedule of our first HYPE farms

HYPE has a permanently fixed supply of 100,000 tokens.

  • 40,000 (39,600 after tax)will be distributed on HYPE / ETH farm
  • 30,000 (29,700 after tax) will be distributed on HYPE / BUILD farm
  • 30,000 (29,700 after tax) will be distributed on HYPE / METRIC farm (launches in 3 days after the initial launch)
  • All future farms after that will be financed from the recycled HYPE tokens collected with the transfer taxes (see above).

After this, we plan to keep launching new farms.

All without increasing the supply which will stay fixed.

Happy farming.

HYPE Protocol

HYPE token address:






Decentralized venture builder

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BUILD Finance

Decentralized venture builder

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