Build Peace 2016: Pre-conference dialogues

Leading up to Build Peace 2016: Toward Transformation, our conference on transformation in peacebuilding through technology, arts and research, we hosted three online pre-conference dialogues.

The dialogues bring together two speakers from different fields. The participants are peacebuilders working across the globe who we have invited into conversation at Build Peace 2016 in Zürich. These online sessions were a preliminary coming-together to lay the groundwork for what we expect to be deeply and broadly interesting sessions about important topics in transformation and peacebuilding. You can read more about the conference program here, and see videos from previous conferences on our Build Peace youtube channel.

Diana Chigas and Bruno Siqueira discussed: What does transformation mean in peacebuilding? What does it mean in technology?

Mariam Barandia and Saiph Savage discussed: What can peacebuilders and technologists learn from each other about political and socio-cultural transformation?

Nanjira Sambuli and Jonathan Stray discussed: What can peacebuilders in the global North and South learn from each other about the ethics of peacetech?

We would love your feedback on these dialogues. Do you have questions about any of the topics raised by the speakers? Join the conversation, and write us a comment below!

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