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Ever wanted to build a startup — and get a Masters degree for it?

Ferdinand Vogler
Apr 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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“As a startup CEO, I slept like a baby. I woke up every two hours and cried.” —bhorowitz

Nobody cares.

First, let me get your motivation amped up. How was your startup idea born? Is it something you thought would be cool? Is it really that much of a problem for other people? Not everything has to be unique, but is your solution at least three-times better than anything that’s out there? Only then will people consider switching from their current habits. Everyone thinks their startup is special — it isn’t. What can be special is your execution of an idea. Designers approach problems with a different perspective. Our tools and methods put people first. Just that increases your chances of success remarkably. Oftentimes, we start fixing something because it annoys us. At the same time you’re the creator and your first customer. Scratching your own itch.

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The birth hour of Nutridelta. Coding through the night at a hackathon in Zurich.

You’re running this!

Maybe you pitched your idea at a Hackathon. You found a curious team and after working together for a weekend you decide to keep going with this little idea. You came up with something that’s just to good to die. Without your pitch, this project would have never come to life. You’re the person that started this. That makes you the leader of the tribe, if you want it or not. Don’t try to know everything and have it all planned out. Communicate early and often. Ask for help, you’re not in it alone. A pair of fresh eyes always helps. Leadership doesn’t mean pretending to be free of doubts and the need for feedback. Share articles on your topic, be the driving force.

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