Ultimate Minimal Travel Packing List

I’ve been traveling for over a year now and learned what I really need to pack for a long travel. In my YouTube video, My Travel Packing — Backpacker vs Minimal, I go through everything in my large 70L backpack and my transition to a small 24L backpack.

Here you have it, the ultimate list of research I’ve done and products I purchased for my minimal lifestyle. Also, this packing list is based on my travel style (long stay travel) and a lot of products are for a male traveler.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While doing my research, I had a criteria list which narrowed my research to the specific items you see here. For each section, I will add the criteria for a better understanding of why these specific products.

Travel and Daily Backpacks

The bags you will call home for however long you travel. If you over research anything, I would say it’d be this.

Research Criteria: Affordable. Comfortable for walking around airports. Compact enough to throw in an overhead bin on the plane. May stand alone or lay flat when in my bedroom, for easy item access (My 70L would always fall down and was annoying). Comes from a B-Corp.

Travel Packs

Day Packs

My Choice


Merino wool, merino wool, merino wool. I can’t hear enough about this fabric when it comes to researching minimal clothing. Is it worth the hype? Yes. The price tags are tough to swallow, but when you only own a few of something you hope for high quality and long-lasting.

Research Criteria: Merino wool, wrinkle free, quick drying, comfortable, light weight, dark colors (hide those stains, if they happen), affordable.

My Choice


“Owning only 2 pairs of boxers? You must be nuts”, they said.

Well, it’s extremely possible and not as disgusting as you may think. As you see further down the list, owning a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s and a Scrubba wash bag I am able to keep my undies fresh.

Research Criteria: I have a strong preference of boxers of briefs and trunks. I like when my boys can breathe. Much like the shirts, I want quick drying, flexible, and light-weight.

My Choice

Shorts + Pants

If you travel for long periods of time, chances are you’ll choose warmer climates. Therefore, shorts supersede pants in the amount I chose to carry.

Research Criteria: Flexible, quick drying, travel friendly (zipper pockets), multipurpose, merino wool (if possible).



My Choice


Shoes in general are hard to choose from, especially with the vast array of styles and use cases. There are hiking boots, runners, casual, dress, and sandals. I tried really hard to focus on all in one shoe. I submit it is near impossible but I’d like to think I got close.

Research Criteria: Light weight, travel-friendly (compact), look good, can fit all occasions without standing out, and can use if I want to go hiking.



My Choice


Most of the items researched here are worth it. There aren’t a lot of things here with hundreds of brands all doing the same thing. I didn’t have much research behind these except watch a few YouTube recommendations.

Plus, let’s face it Dr. Bronners is king in the travel soap realm. If you haven’t heard yet, I can’t recommend it enough.

My Choice

Accessories + Electronics

This list is of additional products that I have in my bag. Most are specific to me (electronics) but I thought I would give them a mention. Other products, like the Scrubba bag and Chico bag, are part of my attempt to eliminate laundry costs and plastic consumption.

Film Equipment




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