Buildbot 0.9.10

I am happy to announce Buildbot 0.9.10 is available for you to upgrade.

Even buildbots deserve vacations!

After the hick-ups of 0.9.9 and its 2 post release (sorry about that), July has been pretty quiet. People are enjoying the vacation. 0.9.10 is mainly a bug fixes and small enhancements. Details are available in the release notes.

Thanks to all contributors! Keep ’em coming!

git shortlog --no-merges -ns v0.9.10...v0.9.9.post2
17 Pierre Tardy
8 Craig Rodrigues
8 Paulo Matos
4 Daniel Tsvetkov
4 Jan Marker
3 PunCha
3 Nikos Tsironis
1 remy
1 Cody
1 Moritz Bunkus
1 Rene Cunningham
1 Vit Ry
1 Buildbot